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Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynaecomastia)

Achieve a sculpted masculine chest with reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery for men is a transformative procedure tailored to address the enlargement of male breasts commonly associated with gynaecomastia. Our goal is to redefine your chest, removing excess skin, fat and glandular tissue to create a flatter and more distinctly masculine contour. If you’re considering this procedure, our expert surgeon, Mr Ghosh, will personalise the approach, utilising techniques such as liposuction, excision of glandular tissue, or a combination thereof based on your unique anatomy and the extent of the enlargement.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia or gynaecomastia (pronounced guy-ne-co-mastia) refers to the enlargement of the male breast tissue. It can occur due to an imbalance between oestrogen (female hormone) and testosterone (male hormone) levels, leading to the development of excess glandular tissue in the breasts. Gynecomastia (sometimes colloquially referred to as ‘man boobs’) is a common condition and can be caused by factors such as hormonal changes, certain medications, obesity, or underlying medical conditions.

Benefits of male breast reduction surgery:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Increased confidence
  • Physical comfort.

Is a breast reduction surgery right for you? 

As a specialist in gynecomastia treatment, Mr Ghosh focuses on addressing the unique needs and concerns of men seeking breast area reduction. Book a consultation with him, communicate your goals openly, and he’ll carefully assess your suitability for surgery. Mr Ghosh will also show you some before and after photos of previous surgeries, from the many men he has helped.

What happens during the male breast reduction procedure?

The goal of the breast area reduction (sometimes more colloquially referred to as ‘man boob surgery’) is to remove excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin, achieving a flatter and more aesthetically pleasing chest contour. It may involve liposuction, excision of glandular fatty tissue, or a combination of both.

How much does male breast reduction surgery cost?

Gynecomastia surgery UK costs vary for every patient. The specific cost for your surgery will be discussed during your consultation with Mr Ghosh.

To book a London-based consultation and delve into the possibilities of surgery, or if you have any questions, call us at 020 7205 2281. 

Your journey is unique, and Mr D B Ghosh understands that. He offers a personalised approach, tailoring each procedure to your individual goals and anatomy.

Important advice:
It’s crucial for men considering a breast reduction procedure to consult with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. As one of the leading breast surgeons in the UK, Mr Ghosh will conduct a thorough examination, discuss the available options including any possible side affects. This will help you choose the most appropriate procedures to achieve your desired outcome. Open communication between you and Mr Ghosh is essential to ensure realistic expectations and a positive surgical experience.

Next steps

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