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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Discover natural beauty with fat transfer breast augmentation in London

You deserve a confident, beautiful you. With fat transfer breast augmentation, you can achieve a modest increase in cup size and a trimmer figure in one non-surgical procedure.

At our London-based clinics, we offer fat transfer breast augmentation as a sophisticated alternative to traditional breast enlargement surgery. This method involves liposuction to extract fat from specific areas of your body, which is then used to enhance your breasts naturally.

Our expert, Mr Ghosh, a renowned breast surgeon based at The London Clinic, the Harley Street Clinic, and The Royal Free London Breast Unit, will guide you through the fat transfer breast augmentation process, offering friendly and expert advice and support.

Benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation

  • Beautiful, natural-looking results
  • No foreign objects in your body
  • Retention of breast sensitivity
  • Avoidance of traditional breast surgery
  • Low risk with a speedy recovery
  • Discreet incisions and minimal scarring.

Are you a suitable candidate?

This non-surgical breast enlargement in London is ideal for those seeking a subtle increase in size, typically ranging from half a cup to a full cup. Remember that some initial volume may decrease over the first few months. If your goal is an increase of two or more cup sizes, a non-surgical approach may not be the best fit for you.

A minimum amount of body fat is also required for successful fat-transfer breast augmentation. Thinner patients may have a lower body fat percentage, making them less suitable for the procedure.

Contact us today for some advice and to assess your suitability. We’ll book a consultation with Mr Ghosh, who will evaluate your body type to determine the most suitable breast enlargement method.

What happens during the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure?

  • The fat transfer breast augmentation is performed under general anaesthetic, with the option of sedation for particularly nervous patients.
  • Mr Ghosh will use liposuction to delicately extract fat from predetermined areas, commonly the stomach, thighs, or buttocks. This harvested fat is meticulously injected into your breasts in tiny droplets, naturally augmenting their size.

Your recovery journey after fat transfer breast augmentation

Post-procedure, you can swiftly return to your routine within two to four days of recovery.

Cost considerations:

Fat transfer breast augmentation costs in the UK vary based on individual patient needs.

Ready to explore fat transfer breast augmentation?

If you’re interested in a fat transfer breast augmentation carried out at our clinics in London, or if you have questions about breast augmentation, book a consultation with Mr Ghosh by calling 020 7205 2281 today. 

Revel in a slimmer figure and fuller breasts. Embrace the journey to a naturally enhanced, confident you.

Important advice:
If you’re considering fat transfer breast augmentation, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. As one of the leading breast surgeons in the UK, Mr Ghosh will conduct a thorough examination, discuss the available options, and help you choose the most appropriate procedures to achieve your desired outcome. Open communication between you and Mr Ghosh is essential to ensure realistic expectations and a positive surgical experience.

Next steps

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