Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation provides two great benefits in just one non-surgical procedure: a modest increase in cup size and a trimmer figure.

The Harley Street Breast Clinic provides fat transfer breast augmentation as an alternative to cosmetic surgery for breast enlargement. This method involves liposuction before the boob job — fat is taken from elsewhere on the body and then used to create bigger breasts.

It’s a popular choice for women who want to look for breast enlargement and fat loss all in one.

  • Beautiful, natural-looking results
  • No foreign object in body
  • Breasts retain sensitivity
  • Avoids breast surgery
  • Low risk with fast recovery
  • Discreet incisions and minimal scarring

You will have a consultation at our breast clinic on Harley Street to discuss the procedure and create the perfect treatment plan for you.

Harley Street breast enlargement is performed under general anaesthetic. Particularly nervous patients also have the option of sedation.

To begin, your breast surgeon on Harley Street will use liposuction to gently remove fat from your body as outlined in your treatment plan — most commonly, the fat is taken from the stomach, thighs, or bottom.

The removed excess fat will then be carefully injected into the breasts in small individual droplets. The fatty tissue begins to naturally grow and increases the size of the breasts.

Following your procedure, you will have a slimmer figure and fuller breasts. Only two to four days are typically needed for recovery, so you can get back to your usual routine very quickly.

To benefit from fat transfer breast augmentation on Harley Street, you need to have a certain amount of fat on your body to successfully make the fat transfer. Thinner patients may not have a high enough body fat percentage for the procedure.

Non-surgical breast enlargement in London is perfect for women desiring a small increase in breast size. Fat transfer usually successfully increases the breast size by one half cup to one full cup. The breast may lose some of its initial volume increase a few months following the surgery.

If you wish to increase your breast size by two or more cups, non-surgical will not be right for you.

At your appointment, your consultant breast surgeon in London, Mr. D.B. Ghosh, will examine your body type to help determine the best method of breast enlargement in London for you.


Harley Street breast enlargement prices vary depending on each individual patient. The cost of your treatment will be determined at your consultation.

Are you interested in a fat transfer boob job in London? If you’d like to book a consultation with Mr. D.B. Ghosh for breast augmentation, or if you have any questions, please call Harley Street Breast Clinic on 02072052281 today.

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