Breast Reconstructive Surgery in London

Currently, all patients who undergo a mastectomy of the breast are offered a breast reconstruction. All patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer are seen by a specialist breast surgeon who is qualified and trained to perform breast reconstructive surgery services.

Immediate reconstruction is performed along with the initial mastectomy, so the patient does not feel the loss of the breast. One must remember all patients are not suitable to undergo immediate reconstruction. Mr Ghosh being a Breast surgeon who is trained in both surgical oncology and oncoplastic surgery, including reconstruction of breast surgery will advise you if it is appropriate for you to have immediate reconstruction.

Delayed breast reconstructive surgery is offered to patients when it is necessary to complete the oncological treatment of the patient first. On many occasions, patients who require reconstruction surgery choose not to have immediate breast reconstruction.

During a consultation with Mr. Ghosh at one of his clinics in London, you will have the option of discussing all the different aspects, benefits, and risks of breast reconstruction surgery.

Mr. Ghosh performs implant-based breast reconstructive surgery in London or creates the breast mound using your own tissue.

It is important for a Breast surgeon with oncoplastic specialization to provide the right advice for the patients.

All consultations in the clinics are done in the presence of Highly trained Specialist Breast Care Nurses. They provide emotional and psychological support throughout the treatment.

All operations are performed using the best implants from Allergan, and acellular dermis from KCI.

Private breast reconstructive surgery in London is performed by Mr. Ghosh at The Harley street clinic.

The breast reduction procedure takes around an hour and a half to two hours. After administering general anesthesia, your breast surgeon on Harley Street will remove the excess tissue, fat, and skin on your overly large breasts. The nipples and remaining breast tissue will then be reshaped to the ideal breast size as planned. Finally, the site will be stitched up, and a protective bandage applied over the area. You will need to stay for at least one night in the hospital.

Any Questions?

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