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Breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty) reduces excess breast tissue to make large or drooping breasts smaller. Breast reduction is a popular choice for women who prefer the aesthetics of smaller breasts, or who experience health problems stemming from large breasts — neck and back pain, skin irritation, and problems breathing. The Harley Street Breast Clinic commonly performs a dual breast reduction in London and breast reduction consultation and lifts together to achieve small and perky breasts.

Breast surgery in London is only suitable for women over 18 years old (when the breasts have fully developed). Your consultation with first-class breast surgeon in London, Mr. D.B. Ghosh, will determine the right treatment for you.
Your options for breast reduction techniques will be discussed taking your health into account — smokers or significantly overweight patients may have to improve their health before the surgery. The boob reduction cost will also be discussed.
Together we will create the perfect breast reductions treatment plan for you.

The breast reduction procedure takes around an hour and a half to two hours. After administering general anesthesia, your breast surgeon on Harley Street will remove the excess tissue, fat, and skin on your overly large breasts. The nipples and remaining breast tissue will then be reshaped to the ideal breast size as planned. Finally, the site will be stitched up, and a protective bandage applied over the area. You will need to stay for at least one night in the hospital.

After breast surgery on Harley Street, you will change into a comfortable and supportive bra. You will also be given pain medication to ease your discomfort — do not take aspirin as it prolongs bleeding. An appointment will be scheduled for you in a week’s time to have your dressings changed and the surgical site checked over.

After you undergo breast reduction surgery, You can expect to have some bruising, neck pain, swelling, and asymmetry between the breasts, which will get better in a couple of weeks. You may also experience numbness and tingling in the breasts caused by nerve irritation, but this won’t last more than six months.

The incision sites for boob reduction during the surgical procedure depend on the patient. You will have a circular scar around the nipple and a vertical scar from the bottom of the nipple to the fold under the breast.

There may also be a horizontal scar along the crease of both breasts. Mr. D.B. Ghosh will explain where your incisions will be made — a decision based on your body, your preferences, and your goals. The scars will be red initially, but will fade over time.

Full recovery after the breast reduction surgery takes at least one month on average during which you should rest and avoid strenuous activity. Depending on your occupation, you will need around two weeks off work. You may be unable to drive for the first ten days after boob job surgery. Throughout your recovery, it’s important to take gentle exercise to aid circulation.

After your Harley Street, London breast reduction, we’ll give you comprehensive advice concerning aftercare, as well as an emergency 24/7 phone number for your local nursing team. Correct aftercare will ensure the success of your surgery and provide you with the best results.


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