What Is Breast Symmetrisation?

Breast symmetrization is a procedure used for correcting asymmetric breasts, which describes a difference in the size, shape, and position between the two breasts. Most women have asymmetrical breasts to some degree. These minor differences do not cause any concern. But if the difference is greater than one cup size, women generally visit a  breast consultant in London due to anxiety and distress over their uneven breasts. Breast symmetrization can improve breast symmetry and help to regain confidence in your body.

The objective of the surgery

Breast symmetrization aims to reshape and match the normal breast’s appearance to the other breast. It is also done to check the size and shape of the affected breast after a previous reconstruction surgery has not achieved satisfactory results. Breast asymmetry may be natural or caused after undergoing cancer therapy. It encompasses techniques like breast reduction, enlargement, and nipple reconstruction.

What does the surgery involve?

Breast symmetrization surgery depends on the individual case. The corrective procedures may include the following:

  • Breast augmentation is a breast enlargement surgery that uses implants that add volume and fullness to the breasts.
  • Breast reduction surgery: this surgery carefully eradicates excess breast tissue in order to shrink and firm the breasts.
  • Breast uplift or mastopexy: this lift surgery uplifts the breasts and raises the nipples to restore pertness.
  • Areola reduction: this is a simple procedure that may be necessary for women with large or prominent areolas
  • Breast reduction and lift: In one procedure, breast lift reduction is performed on women with larger breasts to shrink and lift the breasts.

So the breast consultant in London will choose the right treatment depending on your breasts and what you want to change about them. You may undergo more than one procedure to achieve symmetrical breasts, and the surgeon will discuss the available options with you to create the perfect treatment plan.

Are you a suitable candidate?

Make sure that you have realistic expectations from the surgery. Also, it would be best if you had good overall health. Your breast consultant will determine this because breast surgeries can only be performed on women over the age of 18 years once the breasts have fully developed. You can undergo breast symmetrisation surgery if you are not suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension, are not currently undergoing radiotherapy or have completed treatment. You are also not eligible for the surgery if you are planning pregnancy or breastfeeding immediately after the procedure.


After the breast symmetrization surgery, you need to stay in the hospital for at least a night following the surgery. The surgeon will provide you with a detailed recovery plan created for your individual case. You will need to take care of yourself during the recovery to protect your health and ensure the success of the surgery. For this, you may be provided with comprehensive aftercare advice. Some clinics also offer an emergency 24/7 phone number.


Your breasts may be extra sensitive and tender for the first few weeks after the surgery. There may also be swelling and bruising. But it’s best to follow the doctor’s advice. And limit physical activity.

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