The Truth About Breast Reconstruction: All You Need to Know

A woman is beautiful in so many ways. Her face’s sharp and soft features, the beauty of her full breasts, and the way her eyes speak. You can make out that everything about a woman is endearing! While we may see women as perfect, a woman must feel confident in her own body.

What happens when a woman loses her breasts? She may feel conscious, but sometimes it is an important act to save her life.

A procedure known as mastectomy involves removing a woman’s breasts. Doctors prescribe this when a woman has breast cancer. Otherwise, it may spread to other parts of the body.

Do you have breast cancer? Did you lose your breasts while battling cancer? If yes, then breast reconstruction is meant for you. You can meet a breast consultant in London and find out the cost and how long it will take to heal and recuperate. But before you go for an appointment, read this post because we will tell you everything you need about breast reconstruction.

What’s Breast Reconstruction? 

Breast reconstruction surgery is about recreating breasts after a lumpectomy or mastectomy procedure. It takes several surgeries to reconstruct or recreate the breasts.

Surgeons use different techniques to recreate breasts using saline breast implants or silicone ones. They may also use a tissue flap from the woman’s body, like one taken from the lower belly.

Breast reconstruction is done after breast cancer surgery and when you need immediate attention. However, it may also be performed after a few months or years. This is known as delayed reconstruction. Multiple surgeries may be involved, so you have to be mentally prepared. You have to ask the provider whether they will replace or reshape one breast.

Is Breast Reconstruction Necessary? 

Some people choose not to get it done, and others want to do it simply because they want to feel confident in their bodies.

It is a personal choice, but there is no harm in meeting a consultant and getting to know more about the surgery.

There is no compulsion. However, if you feel that after a few months or years, you want to get breast reconstruction surgery, there are good surgeons in the UK who will offer the delayed reconstruction procedure.

Are There Any Risks Involved? 

After the procedure, you may need to rest in the hospital for a week before going home. A surgical bra will be provided for the healing time as this would support your breasts.

Pain management medicines will be given to you. As for the risks, there may be pain, bleeding, or infection, but if you get it done by a reliable surgeon, they will ensure that they take care of everything.

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