Can I Die of Breast Cancer?

Everyone shows you pitiful eyes when you share the news of having become afflicted with breast cancer. But should you be scared about it? Well, it depends on different factors.

The questions in your mind are the following –

  • Will I die of breast cancer?
  • What chance do I have to survive in the next five years?
  • How do I know I’m dying?

Well, it’s a difficult question to answer early, but you should know more about your condition. Many people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer want to know the level of risk involved.

Breast cancer surgeons in London are there to offer their expert diagnoses and suggest a treatment plan. So, you should be connecting with the best breast cancer surgeon in London. While booking the appointment is an apt move, let’s tell you whether your breast cancer can kill you.

What is the survival rate for people having breast cancer?

Having breast cancer can seem scary. But, the average five-year survival rate of people having breast cancer is 89 percent. Breast cancer is usually diagnosed early, so the survival rate may be higher if you begin treatment immediately.

Detecting the Stage of Cancer

The survival rate depends on the stage of the cancer. So, the first stage is Stage 0, which is non-invasive breast cancer. It’s also called pre-cancer. You will do well if you have Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ, which is DCIS. It doesn’t spread to other body parts, so you should be in a comfortable spot.

Early stage or Stage 1 is invasive breast cancer. The survival rate is high here. Your chances of dying within five years of diagnosis are about 1 to 5 percent. If you get the recommended treatment, you will be fine.

Stage 2 is also an early stage of breast cancer. There is little risk to your life. The risk of life in the next five years is about 15 percent. The late stage is an advanced stage of cancer where there is 72 percent of survival in five years.

If you have inflammatory breast cancer, it can get worrisome. Your survival rate will go about 50 percent. Stage 4 is where your cancer has spread to other parts, and there is about a 75 to 80 percent risk of dying in the next five years.

Summing Up

If you have breast cancer or you feel like you may have it, don’t start worrying at this stage. You need the best doctor to diagnose the issue and develop an effective solution for your condition.

It’s not the end of the road till you try and find a solution. So, make sure you find an experienced breast cancer doctor in London.

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