8 Alarming Signs You May Have Breast Cancer

Do you notice something odd in your breasts? It may be a one-time instance, but it’s time to meet a breast consultant in London if you see repetitive signs.

Here’s a post that reveals the eight signs that could be symptoms of having breast cancer. Keep reading to find out.

#1 Lump under your underarms or breast

You felt a lump under the breast or the underarms, and now it is bothering you. A breast consultant can feel the lump and determine if it is worrisome. Doctors can also notice the lump on the mammogram before you start feeling it.

#2 Swelling in the armpit or the collarbone

Swelling means that your breast cancer has spread to your lymph nodes. You might be able to notice the swelling before the lump. Speak to your doctor about this, and tell them how you feel.

#3 Tenderness and Pain

Lumps should not hurt, but it is an alarming sign if you feel pain or tenderness. Medication isn’t enough for this condition – you may need the assistance of a doctor. The pain, tenderness, and lumps could mean you have breast cancer.

#4 Indented or flat area on the breast

There may be a tumor you cannot see or feel. Only a specialist knows how to diagnose the issue.

#5 Changes in your Breast

Breast changes could be anything like changes in the breast’s texture, temperature, size, or contour.

#6 Changes in the Nipple

If your nipples experience any change, it can be scary. Watch out if it is getting dimpled or itchy or if you see burns or sores.

#7 Nipple discharge

It is uncanny to see clear or bloody nipple discharge.

Make an appointment with a specialist soon because this shouldn’t be happening.

#8 Marble Texture Area Under the Skin

It feels different from the rest of your body. If you are seeing this change, consider meeting your doctor.

Do Women Survive After Getting Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is fairly common in the United Kingdom. And yes, women have survived. The survival rate is good if you get it diagnosed early.

Treatments are now available, and specialists know more about different types of cancer. However, survival will depend on different factors. It depends on your type of cancer, your fitness level, the cancer stage, and treatment.

What Surgery Would Be Required for Breast Cancer?

Surgery is recommended for breast cancer, but it depends on what kind of breast cancer you have. Surgery will be followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Women with breast cancer may undergo multiple treatments to fight this disease.

Surgery is when the doctors cut the cancer tissue. Chemotherapy is when doctors prescribe medications to kill or shrink cancer cells. Hormonal therapy, Biological therapy, and Radiation Therapy are other therapies that will help you fight cancer.

The battle is tough, but you should not give up. Meet up with a breast consultant, and let them know your medical history and symptoms. A physical examination is necessary to find out if you have breast cancer.

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